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Prevent the Flu with pocketing Always Pen

The flu virus is very contagious, especially when the weather is uncertain because the immune system tends to weaken. Many ways to prevent transmission of flu, one of them by making sure there is always a pen in your pocket or in the bag.

At first glance sounds absurd and somewhat difficult to imagine that a pen will be able to reduce the risk of transmission of influenza. Objects seremeh pens that cost not just how it is usually available everywhere, then why bother to bring your own?

But just imagine if it did not bring a pen, then all activities must be done by writing the general pen. Write orders in a restaurant dining menu, signature receipt of credit card use, to fill in the attendance at the wedding, all the public property using a pen.

Within a day, a general pen available in the restaurant or supermarket would have been used by tens or possibly hundreds of people. If there are few that are cold and sneezes and droplets or patches of phlegm stuck in the pen, then the risk of transmission would be enormous.

Always carry a personal pen would not be difficult to do, because this thing can be tucked in a pocket or small purse tenteng though. But from these simple steps sanat, the risk of contracting the flu can be prevented or at least be reduced.

"In the flu season, pens are very likely to be a medium of transmission of the virus. By bringing your own pen, the risk of contracting would be reduced very significantly," said Prof. Neil Schachter, lung specialist from Mount Sinai School of Medicine as quoted from Liverightlivewell, Sunday (9 / 10 / 2011).

Prof. Schachter said, he always advised his patients to bring their own pen because it was inspired his father who was also a doctor. When I was practicing in the era of the 1940s, his father never wanted to use the pen so that the public rarely get the flu.

In addition to suggesting to bring their own pens, Professor Schachter also suggested for diligent hand washing. After touching objects that hold a lot of people, such as doorknobs and elevator buttons, the hands should be washed with soap.