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The woman donated the egg 50 Simultaneously, Life So Bet

The woman donated the egg 50 Simultaneously, Life So Bet, With hormone drugs, a woman could spend 85 to donate eggs at once. Yet experts warn, the side effects these drugs can cause the stomach to swell or even lead to death.

Swelling after donating egg cells that occurs due to accumulation of fluid in the abdomen called the Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS). In some cases, fluid accumulation can lead to blockage of blood vessels that lead to death.

Although there was no death, a woman in London recently reported having OHSS after donating 50 eggs at once. In order to remove eggs that much, she was given hormone drugs by operators of fertility clinics.

"I feel the doctors that treated me like a machine. I thought the animals, who only asked to produce as many eggs," said 35-year-old woman who was not named it as quoted from Myfoxmemphis, Tuesday (25/10/2011).

About 3 months after donating eggs, she suffered severe swelling until it resembles a pregnant person. A very disappointing to him was, the doctor did not give out the possibility of side effects like this before.

According to the International Federation of Fertility Societies, retrieving 50 eggs at a time is very risky if done with hormonal drugs. Instead of 50, making 20 egg cells alone could increase the risk of OHSS to 85 percent if done all at once.

But because the rewards for egg donors in Britain today increased 3-fold, it seems that fertility clinics do not want to lose by taking the eggs as much as possible.Reported egg retrieval record ever in the UK in recent months reached 85 eggs.

No wonder if the reported cases of OHSS in the UK increased in recent months, ie 217 cases between March 2010 to February 2011. This figure rose sharply from 114 cases in the period a year earlier and only 64 cases during 2008.