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So Homeopathy Alternative Medicine to Prevent Colds and Flu

If you're contracting the flu and colds, do not rush to take medication if you do not want to feel the side effects.Homeopathy can help ease it, with minimal side effects because it has been diluted.

Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine in which healthcare practitioners to treat patients using the drug that has been diluted.Some studies did not prove homeopathy is more effective than drug or placebo is empty, but it never hurts to try the drug because the base material has been diluted so that the possible side effects are very small.

As quoted from HealthNews, Saturday (15/10/2011), to prevent colds and flu, and fever can use homeopathic remedies.

1. Homeopathic treatment to prevent colds and flu

Both drugs are most effective when it first got the flu, namely:

a. Oscillococcinum
Oscillococcinum is made from goose liver. Geese are often exposed to many viruses, and will build up immunity in the liver.By taking this drug, then someone will get immunity.

These drugs are safe to be consumed in conjunction with prescription drugs. The drug is also safe for children or parents, and do not cause drowsiness effect. Various clinical trials have shown good results on the use of this drug.

Pengguanaan Hint: Oscillococcinum may be taken every 12 hours to prevent colds.

b. Influenzinum
Influenzinum flu vaccine is made from the same substance prepared by the World Health Organization (WHO). The drug is updated every year and with the substance prepared in the amount of dilute, to then have the effect of homeopathy.

This drug is used as a substitute for flu vaccine, which works by stimulating the body's defense system to fight the flu virus. These drugs act by enhancing the immune system.

Directions: Influenzinum useful after the first exposure, in the early stages of fever, or as a precaution. The recommended dosage is once a day for a month.

2. Homeopathic treatment for the initial phase of fever

a. Aconite
Aconite is a drug that is indicated for the initial fever or fever that comes on an hour after exposure to cold wind. These drugs may work better in the early stages of disease with sudden onset and persistent symptoms. Aconite if someone needs to feel very thirsty want to drink cold water, restlessness, and anxiety.

b. Ferrum Phosphoricum
Ferrum Phosphoricum is good medicine used at the beginning of a fever when there are no obvious symptoms or no signs of weakness with inflammation. It can also be used on low-grade fever. It can also be used on mild cough and headache.

c. Gelsemium
Gelsemium can be used to address a variety of early symptoms of flu. Symptoms include dry throat, dry cough, runny nose, and feeling sick. Gelsemium is also a good remedy for bronchitis.

d. Vincetoxicum
Vincetoxicum can be effective for the treatment of fever with the onset (beginning) rapid, ie within 1-6 hours. These symptoms include weakness, fatigue, bone pain, and chills. Vincetoxicum also be useful for the condition, among others:

- Treatment of viral infections
- Cough and sore throat irregular feels worse when swallowing
- Patients who experience a mild fever but it feels very hot

Note: If you have a fever for more than 5-7 days, you should immediately seek medical help. Or if you feel more lethargic or weak, immediately consult a physician.