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Best Time Breakfast, Morning Before or After Exercise?

Exercise in the morning can make you feel energized and excited to perform the activity. But to complete the day, do not forget breakfast. So when the best time for breakfast, before or after exercise?

Most experts agree that eating a morning snack before exercise is best. Generally, small meals or snacks eaten 1-2 hours before exercise.

Many people believe that can burn more calories or fat if waiting for breakfast after the morning exercise and other activities.There is also the reason that eating before exercise can make the stomach feel uncomfortable, especially when I wake up in the morning is not enough.

But according to the American College of Sports Medicine, the study shows that exercise on an empty stomach can degrade performance, as reported by Livestrong, Friday (14/10/2011).

Without the fuel the body, people may not be able to exercise properly. Exercising before eating also causes decreased blood sugar levels that result in weakness and dizziness. People also tend to eat excessively when breakfast after a workout.

What are the benefits of exercise in the morning before breakfast?

Body break down food that you have been in the form of glucose in the blood or stored energy called glycogen, which is stored in the liver and muscles. Having a sufficient amount of glucose that would make the body produce optimal energy during exercise.

It can also prevent you from experiencing low levels of glucose, called hypoglycemia, which can cause dizziness and fainting.Drinking fluids or eating foods that contain water before you exercise is also beneficial to avoid dehydration, which also damage the performance.