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Aromatherapy Dangerous When Used in Closed Space

Fragrant essential oils that are familiar is called is called aromatherapy is often encountered in the spa services that claimed to be beneficial to health. However, recent studies find aromatherapy can increase levels of air pollution and potentially dangerous if used in confined spaces.

Fragrant essential oils derived from plants release different types of volatile organic compounds (volatile organic compounds or VOCs) into the air. These VOCs react with the ozone and produces byproducts called secondary organic aerosol (secondary organic aerosols, or SOA) that can cause eye irritation and respiratory tract.

Research conducted in Taiwan tested the fragrances and essential oils Chinese herbs on the formation of SOA in a controlled room under different test conditions.Researchers also conduct air sampling and analysis centers spa offering massage therapy using essential oils.

As reported by ScienceDaily, Monday (24/10/2011), the researchers compared the rate of SOA from the use of essential oils and fragrances. Researchers concluded that the layout and ventilation in the spa can affect the level of indoor air pollutants generated during the session with aromatherapy massage.

The research team consisting of Jen-Der Hsu from the National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology, Hsiao-Lin Huang Chia-Nan University of Pharmacy and Science, Tainan, and Shiann-Cherng Sheu from Chang-Jung Christian University, Tainan.

"Dr. Der-Jen Hsu and his colleagues have done a very good attention to health risks are often overlooked because of the luxuries that are intended to increase the sense of health," says Domenico Grasso, PhD, chief editor, Vice President of Research, and Dean of the Graduate College, University of Vermont.