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WHO: For the First Time, Number of TB Cases in the World Down

Throughout history, Tuberculosis or TB disease is very difficult to eradicate. But for the first time, the world health organization or the WHO noted a significant decrease in the number of patients and deaths due to tuberculosis.

In a report entitled Global Tuberculosis Control Report 2011, WHO stated that the number of new TB cases in the world in 2010 recorded 8.8 million and 1.4 million the number of dead souls. This figure is down compared to previous years, for example, 9.4 million new cases in 2009.

"This is a very big progress, but there is no reason for complacency," said Secretary General of the United Nations (UN Secretary General) Ban Ki-Moon when commenting on the report, as quoted by Reuters on Wednesday (12/11/2011 ).

Despite the drop, the UN secretary-general is still considered too large because millions of people still at risk of dying of tuberculosis every year. Therefore prevention and treatment efforts must be made, particularly among the poor and vulnerable of contracting.

Currently an estimated 30 percent of world population have been infected with TB germs, but only a small fraction develop into disease. This shows that basically the human body has its own immunity against the bacteria that causes tuberculosis.

However, when it was developed into the disease germs that must be treated thoroughly. Treatment process that lasted an average of 6 months do not often make patients feel at home, then stopped in the middle of the road and causing germs become resistant or immune.

Besides the issue of drug compliance, another obstacle in the eradication of tuberculosis is rising cases of HIV infection / AIDS.In people with HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis became one comorbid or Opportunistic infections are the most casualties died.