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Cigarette Disturb Absorption Vitamins and Blood in the Body

Smoking was not only increases the risk of various diseases, but also affect the absorption of nutrients consumed and blood flow.What nutrients are influenced by smoking?

Almost everyone knows that cigarettes contain many compounds carcinogen (causes cancer) and other compounds that are harmful to the body. Antaar combination of smoking, alcohol consumption and poor nutrition can further increase the risk of chronic diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular.

Studies show smoking outside the action itself, the smokers are very likely to engage in other negative health behaviors as quoted from Lifemojo, Tuesday (10/11/2011), namely:

  1. Too few eating fruits and vegetables
  2. Consuming alcohol and caffeinated beverages
  3. Not getting enough sleep
  4. Eating foods containing high fat levels
  5. Not getting enough exercise or become inactive.

Meanwhile, a recent study conducted by professors at Berkeley showed that the absorption of some nutrients and metabolism are impaired in themselves are a smoker like:

Vitamin C
Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant that is important for disease prevention. But a growing number of cigarettes smoked so the more vitamin C is lost from the tissue and blood.

Eg 1 cigarettes seized about 25 mg of vitamin C from the body, then people who smoke need more vitamin C to fight cell damage and prevent disease.

Vitamin D
Cigarettes have significant side effects on the metabolism of vitamin D. The incidence of vitamin D deficiency 50 percent higher in smokers compared with non-smokers.

More calcium metabolism may be impaired pad aorang who smoke, so he is more at risk of developing osteoporosis or thinning bones.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is believed to inhibit the buildup of fat on the inner walls of the arteries that one of them caused by smoking. Therefore, smokers may reduce the risk of hardening of the arteries by taking vitamin E.

Blood circulation and increase blood fats
Study shows smoking damage the blood circulation and blood flow from the heart (21 percent lower in smokers than non-smokers).And consumption of 2-4 cigarettes can raise levels of fats in the blood of 200-400 percent.

For that to smokers should consume foods that are healthier than non-smokers to get the same amount of nutrients, such as the consumption of green tea, eat lots of fruit dna vegetables, consumption of vitamins and of course trying to quit smoking.