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Traveling Physical Therapy Jobs

Traveling physical therapy jobs are much sought after jobs in the United States, carrying lucrative salaries and bonuses. For those who have a passion for traveling, physical therapy travel jobs are an ideal choice. The assignment mainly involves taking care of physically challenged people, and helping to restore their overall fitness and health.

This position offers professionals the opportunity to work in a variety of locations throughout the country. As per your preference, you can secure this job on a short term, long term, temporary or contract basis. A master’s or graduate degree in physical therapy program and a state-issued license are a must for this highly demanding and challenging profession. To work as a traveling physical therapist assistant or aide, you are required to have on-the-job training or an associate’s degree.

Skilled and qualified candidates can expect to work in some of the prestigious hospitals, rehabilitation centers, clinics, schools and home health jobs agencies, nursing facilities, outpatient care centers, long term acute care hospitals, and more.

Traveling physical therapy job position offers:

• Excellent remuneration packages and benefits
• Flexibility to choose the shift, location, and the facility size

If appropriately qualified, you can expect the following benefits packages as well:

• Health benefits
• Paid housing
• Relocation expenses
• Travel expenses
• Section 125 cafeteria plan
• Professional liability insurance
• Short-term disability insurance
• Additional state license
• Continuing education programs
• H1B visas and green cards
• 401(k) retirement savings plan
• Immigration processing (for internationally trained employees)

Today, there are innumerable staffing solution providers who are actively involved in providing the best healthcare jobs. These recruiting agencies manage your traveling physical therapy job search for you, saving a great deal of time and effort. Searching online is another ideal option to find the most promising positions in the healthcare industry.