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Healthcare Jobs – Three Million More Jobs!

Any Job Search Engine like, can tell us how fast is ‘Healthcare’ industry is growing. We used this particularly used this website because it can grab job results from over 70,000 career websites and Job Boards. It gave us hundreds if not thousands of medical job results instantly. According to the survey made by the Bureau Of Labor Statistics, the healthcare industry is projected at an increasing growth rate of adding three million more new jobs by 2016. According to the Bureau Of Labor Statistics, the top Healthcare jobs based on the compensation, number of jobs, job growth and the quality of life are mentioned below.

Nursing Jobs:
Our of all the Healthcare jobs, Nursing jobs makes up the largest portion. In US alone the workforce of Nurses have raised to about 2.5 million. Since 2006, the registered nursing jobs is projected to grow at an astonishing rate of 25% growth every year till 2016. Compensation for the Nursing Jobs vary according to their level of education and work experience. Since there are many places that a nurse can work and many different types of nursing jobs available, it has become the hottest of all Medical jobs.

Comparing to any other medical job profession, they have the highest earning potential. Despite of all the financial squeezes made by the healthcare insurance companies, Physicians have managed to get into the highest earning slot in the healthcare industry.

Medical Technologists, Technicians and Assistants:
There are more than 100 allied health careers in the offer. All of them are in high demand and are quite well paid. To get one, all you have to do is get a four year degree or an associate degree in it.

Support Jobs and Medical Office Administrative Jobs:
These jobs like Medical transcriptionists take up a share of 18% in the whole of healthcare careers which is why they are considered to be amongst the top medical jobs. They are a big perk because these jobs requires little or sometimes even no collage course coursework needed. They have a growth rate of 10.5%.

Hospice Care and Home Health Jobs:
According to the Bureau Of Labor Statistics, this is the fastest growing with a 50+% growth! This job includes a Hospic care and home health Jobs aides for the elderly and disabled people.

Due to the ageing population and the advancements and research in the medical industry Medical jobs are in a very high demand and experiencing a drastic growth rate. The proof that Healthcare is the largest Industry and has the highest job growth rate is to have just one search on any of the Job Search Portal like