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Free surgery to enlarge penis in Cuba Laris Manis

The Cuban government has policies eliminate all types of health care, including surgery to enlarge the penis. Although already warned the danger, demand is booming, especially from among young people who lack confidence.

Lately, the doctors in Cuba often complained about the amount of young people who abuse the free operating policy. Many come and ask for a referral whining, but medically there is no abnormality that needs to be corrected through surgery.

Patients who generally came from among teenage males are mostly just not confident with the size of his penis. The teens are worried that one day could not satisfy their partner during sex if the size of his genitals mediocre.

"It does not take too long penis to satisfy your partner. Women have a lot of erotic area to be stimulated," said the expert in sexuality from the Cuban Ministry of Health, as quoted by Ramiro Fragas Skynews, Sunday (10/09/2011).

Special messages from the staff of the Ministry of Health is delivered in a newspaper interview with one particular young people in Cuba recently. Fragas said the government is concerned with too much demand for penis enlargement surgery.

According to him, such an operation can only add to the size of the genitals only 1-2 cm long. The effect is certainly nothing compared to the risk, because surgery is very invasive and if one cut the tendons might not even want his penis erect.

Penis enlargement surgery is only intended for men who are medically necessary repair her genitals. For example on the condition of micropenis, is defined as having less than 4 inches long when flaccid and less than 7.5 cm when strained.

Most men of course Cuba is not included in the category of micropenis, because the latest survey showed the average penis size in the country is 11-15 cm. Even if there are shorter, the man can still satisfy their partner because, according to Fragas, the important thing is not size but technique.