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Should You Consider Switching To Electronic Health Records?

If you make a living in the healthcare industry, chances are that you have been hearing the term electronic health records thrown around a lot lately. Many practices are currently moving to this advanced record keeping software, but you will need to carefully consider whether or not this system works for you.

Those that have already used it will swear by this advanced system while others will say that there are a lot of issues still to be corrected with the software. Before you make a decision as to whether or not electronic health records can provide real benefits to your practice, recognize that knowledge is king, and you should seek it whenever possible.

There are many advantages to going to electronic health records. For instance, many systems include automation features that correctly code procedures. This may decrease the number of errors in your documentation, while speeding up the documentation process. Additionally, since electronic medical records are simpler to manage and fully access, if there is ever any question about your billing practices or patient care, an auditor will be able to easily go through your documentation.

Benefits for Practices with Multiple Locations

Frequently, patients may need to visit satellite offices or various outside medical providers that are at a different location. The adoption and use of electronic health records enables easy transmission from one office to the next. The ability to have this information so easily available will prove to be extremely beneficial not only to providers but also to the patients that are seeking care or diagnosis from a physician, dentist or surgeon.

Despite the fact that benefits abound when it comes to installing an EMR system, this decision is key. Know how it will change the functionality of your practice and what it will take to implement the new system. At the same time, also remember that there are real benefits, such as decreased costs and improved use of office space.

Additionally, if you have a smaller practice a good EHR system could end up saving you money on everything from transcription services to part time staff and overall office supplies. Depending on the kinds of care that you offer in your office, you could also find that electronic health records applications can be very helpful as a way to safeguard patient privacy.

Make It Easy On Yourself

When choosing a system for your medical office, ensure you have a product that is easy enough for your staff to really work with. Maintenance of the program should never seem unwieldy and upgrading should be very simple. If you choose the right software, everything from billing, to reporting and invoicing will be easier to do, and will greatly improve your productivity.

Once your staff has been effectively trained, you should also see that your staff takes well to the simplicity of such an electronic records application. By running a potentially paperless practice, you can help to improve functionality in terms of billing, accounts, scheduling and much more. Many doctors who have already switched over to an electronic health records system will say that it was the best choice they could have made and that they can't imagine working without it.

By: Carl J Hardy