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Health Insurance Tips For When You Travel

Do you ever think about your health insurance when you are traveling? You should! You need the protection of medical insurance even more when you travel than when you are at home! Whether you are traveling within your own general region or from one country to another, it is important to have your health insurance identification with you. If you should have a problem involving your health while you are traveling, medical professionals will need access to your health records as well as your health insurance information. 

Many major health insurance companies have coverage that is accepted in most areas where you would be traveling. Whether you require a refill on your blood pressure medications while you are away from home or need to visit a doctor/s office for an allergy shot, the professionals helping you will need access to your health records as well as seeing your health insurance identification card.

Not only will it save the money you would have to spend for these medical needs, easy availability of this information will enable the doctor or pharmacist to help you quicker and more efficiently.

Since these medical professionals are not familiar with you personally, mistakes might be made that could cause serious complications for your health if they can̢۪t verify your medical conditions. Being able to contact your health insurance company and your primary care physician swiftly could save your life.

In some areas, health cards are available encoded with all of the patient medical records. These cards are no larger than a credit card. If you carry a card like this when you travel, medical professionals will be able to care for your medical needs much easier. Your health insurance information can be included also.

There has been a lot of discussion about having this information encoded on a chip that could be imbedded into your skin. If you were in an accident, for instance, your information would be immediately available. 

Although this could be very helpful, it does cause concern regarding personal privacy rights of the individual. Another concern relates to the possible loss of personal freedom when a person allows this invasive procedure to be done for the sake of convenience.

Maybe it is better to just carry your health insurance provider’s identification card with you when you travel. 

If you have a chronic health issue such as diabetes, for example, you can carry information about your condition in your wallet. However, in the near future, the chip may be required for passports enabling you to travel to other countries. Keeping a card on you that lists vital medical information, including emergency contacts is a very good idea, though. Another option is to wear dog tags with your vital info on them. Dog tags can be worn around the neck, and are easily seen in case of an emergency.

Taking the extra time to take a few important documents with you when you travel can save tons of headaches and trouble later. It's not hard to make the necessary preparations, and as they say, a stitch in time saves nine!

By: Roberto Bell