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Tips for Men's Acne Treatment

Most of us think of men and women as completely different creatures. And while that may be not be true for some things, when it comes to acne treatments for the different genders, it's true that men sometimes have needs that are a little different from women's needs. After all, their bodies are different, and their hormones are different, so men's acne products should address concerns that women won't have to. Men and women lead different kinds of lifestyles, so acne solutions and skin care routines should be adjusted accordingly. But what does that mean for men and their particular acne skin care regimen?

Clogged Facial Follicles Occur More Often in Men and Cause Acne
Acne treatments don't necessarily mean they're for men with breakout-prone skin just because they fight acne-causing bacteria. Shaving the face can cause clogged hair follicles which means bacteria can build up that can cause acne blemishes on the skin, even for men who aren't particularly breakout prone. Shaving can also cause ingrown hairs to occur, causing redness, irritation, bumps on the skin, and even blemish breakouts. To help prevent clogged facial follicles, use a daily exfoliating treatment that will help clear out dead and dry skin cells and allow hair to grow naturally on the face.

An Active Lifestyle Can Cause Acne Breakouts
Men tend to be more active playing sports and exercising, which means that sweating can cause acne to break out all over the face and body. More active routines require frequent face and body washing, so men should be looking for gentle acne treatment products that won't irritate the skin. Washing the face more than two times a day can cause dehydrated skin and an increase in ingrown hairs on the face. A proper toner will help clear and prevent clogged pores without dehydrating the skin. Finally, because men sweat all over, back and body acne can be a greater concern and they should look for pimple treatment products that cover more than just the face.

Men Should be More Aware of Redness and Irritation
The majority of women don't need to worry about redness and irritation on their faces due to shaving every day. Shaving for men often leads to irritation, dryness, and redness because of the razor used on the skin's surface. A good men's skin care product will be able to help protect the skin from irritation that can cause breakouts with moisturizing and soothing agents. These ingredients will help lessen the irritation of shaving and soothe post-shaving redness and dryness.

A man isn't a woman, and a man's acne treatment needs aren't the same as a woman's. Pimples form the same regardless of gender, but that doesn't mean the best treatments for them are gender neutral.