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Fainting After Sex Toy Use

Sex toys or sex toy is often used to enhance sexual arousal. But a woman in California sued the manufacturer sex toy vibrator which she uses after him was bleeding so badly to lose consciousness.

April Bonjour is using sex toys vibrators with her partner when she felt a sharp pain in her intimate organs to spend a lot of blood and made him lose consciousness. He had to be rushed to hospital and given a few pints of blood due to damage caused by the vibrator.

Bonjour is currently taking legal action against the manufacturer Pipedream Products with a sex toy manufacturer sex toy product claims has caused personal injury and emotional distress.

"In using (vibrator) I felt an intense sharp pains in my vagina. My partner quickly take it off and I was covered with blood," recalled April Bonjour, as reported by Dailymail, Friday (14/10/2011).

At that time, Bonjour think she is menstruating though not the date of the period. But do not stop blood flow, and even continued to seep from the bandage he was wearing until it became a blood clot.

"Bleeding slowed down but when I have to get up to replace the pads, blood began to flow again. I started to faint from loss of blood. My partner called 911," he explained.

When rushed to the hospital, the child Bonjour even afraid of it.

"He thought I was dying. When we arrived at the hospital, I had lost so much blood and I was given several pints of blood. My family and I myself have suffered extreme emotional distress due to these events. We have contacted the makers of this product to see what compensation they will give to this event. They rejected my claim. For this reason I began to sue them, "said Bonjour.