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Reproduction men pee on toilet Standing Mix

Vancouver, has become his nature if men pee standing, while women must do so while squatting. But in a restaurant, men should not urinate standing to respect women because the toilet is not separated.

Unique rules can be found at Edible Canada, a quirky restaurant in the city of Vancouver. On the wall is the only toilet available, framed pictures man peeing in a standing position is framed by a red circle and written off as a sign that the action was prohibited.

Because it is a mixed toilets are shared equally by men and women, the rules that have a reasonable basis. When men pee standing up pee often leaving water marks on the toilet seat, which for women is disgusting.

Not leaving only the smell, the remnants of urine that turns yellow when it starts to dry out spots that are believed to transmit the disease. Starting from contagious infections are mild, the virus that causes cervical cancer to the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

In places highly prioritizes cleanliness, each toilet is usually equipped with a special cleaning liquid toilet seat. But of course, costly investments needed to provide it in a small restaurant, so it would be easier if the men are prohibited to pee standing order not to make dirty.

But is it possible a man is absolutely forbidden to pee while standing? In addition it is impossible to install hidden cameras to watch over him, there did not seem like a man who stripped his pants and squat on the toilet only to a small water source.

Eric Patemen, restaurant owners Edible Canada admitted just messing around with the ban. Although already excited on the internet and many visitors who believe, he asserted would never condemn any man who pee while standing in the toilet.

"It's just a joke. One time we found a sticker like this and we thought it funny when mounted in our restaurant. Apparently a lot of love, the evidence is already 3 times this sticker stolen our visitors," said Patemen as quoted from Vancouversun, Friday (14/10 / 2011).

DetikHealth As reported previously, several types of bacteria can indeed be transmitted through unclean toilet seat. But the germs causing sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea (gonorrhea), Human Imunodefficiency Virus (HIV) and syphilis or syphilis can only be transmitted through sexual contact.