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Singles Gastric Bypass, family can catch Bony

If a family of overweight, do not rush to plan for everything gastric bypass. Just one person who underwent the operation, then the effect can be felt by one family together. This phenomenon is called the Halo Effect.

Halo is a white circle that often appears around the moon or the sun when the sky was clear or slightly hazy. Named Halo Effect because of the effects of gastric bypass patients not only felt concerned, but also by family around him.

In a recent study conducted Woodart Gavit, MD from Stanford School of Medicine, the phenomenon of Halo Effect on gastric bypass surgery is observed quite real. The people are one family member to undergo gastric bypass average weight decreased 3.5 kg in 12 months.

"Other family members experienced significant weight loss compared to before there is a gastric bypass surgery," wrote Woodart in a report in the journal Archives of Surgery, as quoted by ScienceDaily, Wednesday (19/10/2011).

For gastric bypass patients themselves, the operation that aims to shrink the stomach capacity is effectively lose weight up to 2-5 percent in the same period ie 12 months. With gastric bypass opreasi, appetite will go down and absorption is also reduced.

His influence gastric bypass surgery for other family members are not limited to weight gain. Judging from his waistline, other family members are also looking increasingly slim waistline than the original average of 119 cm to 112 cm on average within 12 months.

Lifestyle as a whole is also affected, because a family sport tends to be more diligent when there is a gastric bypass. Likewise, alcohol drinking habits, portions are decreased from average 11.4 ratas glass / month to 0.8 cups / month.