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Therapist Jobs- A Good Career Option

Physical therapy and occupational therapy jobs are highly rewarding and so therapist jobs are indeed a good career option. Therapists enable people to overcome difficulties and lead an independent life. Choosing therapist jobs such as those in physical therapy and occupational therapy is advantageous since the hours are flexible and the working environment is excellent.

Therapist jobs are available on per diem, long term/short term, part time/full time permanent/temporary and travel basis. New places can be explored by choosing a travel therapist job. Per Diem therapist jobs also offer an array of bonus packages and medical benefit options. Permanent therapist jobs usually carry a very high salary.

Physical therapists and occupational therapists are employed in outstanding private and public hospitals, outpatient clinics, rehabilitation facilities, child development centers, mental health centers, nursing homes, schools, universities, geriatric centers, community healthcare centers, home health jobs agencies, hospices, and research facilities. Physical therapists are required in colleges, sports and organizations.

Qualified occupational therapists can be employed as occupational therapy assistants, counselors and athletic therapy assistants in general medicine and surgical hospitals, voluntary organizations, orthopedic centers, and in elementary and secondary schools. Occupational therapists mainly deal with learning impairments and behavioral troubles. They can handle premature babies in pediatric hospitals, children having disorders like cerebral palsy and Down syndrome. They also help people suffering from traumatic injuries, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and mental health problems.

Therapist job salaries depend upon a number of factors like years of experience, position, qualification, practice facility and location. Advanced training and years of experience can give therapists an annual salary around $63,000. Additional benefits include:

• Extra pay
• Referral bonus
• Completion bonus
• Relocation allowance
• Free housing
• Life insurance
• Healthcare insurance
• Cancer insurance
• (401)k retirement savings plan

Therapists can really change people’s lives by making this world a better place to live in. By 2008, therapist jobs are expected to grow by 21-35%.