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Lack of Sleep Can Make Mathematics sag

Sevilla, Some people believe, studied with overnight racing system can make better test scores. But specific to the field of mathematical studies, should sleep early because according to the study late nights just to make test scores drop.

This trend is observed in a study in Spain, made by scientists from the University of Granada and Junta de Andalucia. The study involved 592 students aged 12-19 years at various schools in the city of Seville, Spain.

Participants' sleep patterns were observed for a few semesters, then grouped based on the length of time sleeping during the day. The scientists then compared with observations about the participants' learning achievements in schools for all subjects.

Observations show, duration of sleep during the day greatly affect test scores, especially for the field of mathematical studies. The longer the sleep time, more baguis value of math, especially when compared with participants whose sleep kruang than 6 hours.

"This could be influenced by the nature of the subject itself, since mathematical ability is usually heavily influenced by the pattern of sleep," the researchers wrote in a report in the International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology, as quoted from Indiavison, Friday (21/10/2011).

The study also revealed that participants who had an average sleep time ie 6-9 hours tend to get better test scores for field of study of physics. The trend in this field of study is not observed in participants who slept kruang of 6 hours or more than 9 hours.

In addition to the length of time to sleep, school performance is also influenced by sleep latency or the time needed to sleep since it first lay down. Ideal number for sleep latency according to the study was 15 minutes because it will give the most powerful influence on learning achievement.