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Acne Myths - Top 4 Myths About Acne

Why are there so many myths about acne? Why do any myths or legends come about for that matter? We may never know, but we CAN certainly separate fact from fiction when it comes acne. Acne can be devastating on our self esteem and our psyche. By understanding the relevant truths (and myths) surrounding acne, we arm ourselves with the know-how to better treat the skin condition. This will have a positive impact on our lives both emotionally and physically.

Here are the top 4 acne myths:

Myth #1: Washing (particularly your face) often will decrease the severity or occurrence of your acne.

Truth: Pimples or zits simply are NOT caused by a dirty environment. The fact is, acne happens due to blockage of the sebaceous glands. Washing your face too frequently can actually have the opposite effect and spread the infection further and even lead to unwanted scars.

Myth #2: Acne is caused by your diet.

Truth: There is not one single food that has been proven to cause acne. The fact is, acne is a skin disease (it seems like such a dirty word) that effects the skin's oil glands. Food cannot take the blame for causing pimples or zits. HOWEVER, what we put into our bodies can play a huge role in either decreasing the intensity of acne or it can increase the intensity of it. Remember, the old adage that says "you are what you eat"? This is good insight and very true.

Myth #3: The cause of acne stems from poor hygiene or a lack of washing.

Truth: Yes, it's true that using certain specially formulated cleansers, masks, & lotions can help "improve" the look of your skin, but remember that dirt or dirty surroundings will not "cause" acne or be the sole cause of the skin disease. It is a viral matter.

Myth #4: There is not a "cure" for acne.

Technically, there is no magic cure for the so called skin disease. However, this condition can be treated with expectations of achieving fantastic results. Obviously, there are prescription medications that do a fantastic job, but they can have very hefty side effects like extremely dry skin (makes you look worse than the acne) and various other conditions.

Some wonderful natural or herbal treatments for acne have surfaced that have, to date, had no reported side effects.

The best possible means to improving your complexion is to take a well rounded approach and make sure you eat right, drink a ton of water, and use a proven, guaranteed skin care regimen.