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Want to Treat Pornography fact So Mad

Intend to treat addiction to pornography, a man even had other mental disorders are more terrifying. He was going crazy due to drug side effects of her doctor, who turns out the medicine is already banned in many countries.

During the months since getting the drug, a British male patient aged 25 years experienced serious psychological problems. In addition to vomiting, Mutah, patients also experience insomnia or difficulty sleeping, paranoia or excessive fears and various symptoms of psychosis including hallucinations.

Initially, the unnamed patient was complaining just addicted to pornography. Every night, for hours man who either had no sexual partner was always spent time to watch pictures or pornographic movie.

Being unable to control their own behavior, he took the initiative to see her doctor in February 2009. After several consultations, the patient is given a psychotropic drug Ibogaine poudsterling or 1900 that cost more than Rp 26 million in August 2009.

Dr Peter Brackenridge, north London physician treating patients is already expressed at the outset that the side effects would make his head a little float in the next 36 hours. But what happened in this patient, much worse.

"From the first minute, I had hallucinations seeing things in the eyes and my head then I do not know me no where. Terrible, I panicked and started convulsing. My heart everywhere can not be controlled, and then suddenly arriving pulse weakened and it feels like hell, "said the patient is not frivolous, as quoted from Dailymail, Thursday (13/10/2011).

The case was recently filed with the local medical council and the results the doctor found guilty. Dr. Brackenridge proven guilty does not provide a warning or a full informed consent to patients about side effects of drugs given.

In addition, the drug is given that Ibogaine was indeed banned in many countries including the United States, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden and Belgium. Ban after a few years ago it was reported drug-related deaths of several patients who use it.

Ibogaine is a psychotropic drug made from the roots of plants from Africa, iboga Tabernanthe are still allied with the coffee plants. Traditionally, this plant is used in rituals and is currently hunting for a person to remain silent in a very long time.